TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

Just by looking at this bike, you can understand how much time and labor this bike has given to TVS. This is not a new bike in the Apache series. This is the revolution of the Apache series. This bike has a brand new engine.

This bike is completely redesigned and very attractive to look at from the other eight to ten bikes.
This bike has been in the market for some time now, but in a short time, this bike has attracted the youth. And this bike is capable of colliding with other 160cc bikes. One of the reasons for the attraction of this bike among the youth is that this bike has a great design, a great engine and its performance has made this bike a place in the minds of the youth. This bike has two models, one with ABS and the other without ABS.

Now, this bike is discussed in detail.


They have used a completely redesigned speedometer in this bike. It has
You will be able to see the rate counter speed, fuel gauge, top speed recorder, and how much time you have taken from 0 to 60 mph. The motorcycle also has a double bar exhaust and rod handlebar so that you feel comfortable riding the bike. The TVS rtr1604v has a telescopic front suspension as well as an oil seal cover.

They have given this bike a show-branded mono-shock suspension that is 7-step compatible.

The sound of the engine of this bike is amazing. And the engine of this bike is similar to the sound racing bike. This bike now has 160 cc, 4 valves, single-cylinder engine. The engine produces 16.3 bhp and 14.7 Nm of torque.

This bike is a power full engine which is hard to find in other 160cc bikes. This bike uses a Welcool system which cools the bike very quickly. You will not feel powerless when you ride on the highway riding sentence you can ride the bike with your confidence.

This bike uses a disc brake of 270 mm at the front and a disc brake of 270 mm at the rear.
This bike has a thick wheel of 130 sections on the front. Due to the thick wheels, you can do cornering in a very extraordinary way. And a wheel of 90 sections has been used on the front.

This bike uses a five-speed gearbox. This bike uses halogen headlights and LED lights.
The instant acceleration of this bike is remarkable in one word which will increase your confidence to ride the bike.

The weight of this bike is 145 kg. This bike is the heaviest compared to other 160cc bikes.

Finally, we can say that this bike can compete with other 160cc bikes.

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TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Summary

Apache RTR 160 4V key highlights

1.Displacement   : 159.7cc

2.Kerb Weight     : 145 kg

3.Colors               : Metallic Blue, Racing Red, Knight Black

4.Max Power        : 16.3 bhp


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