Honda Hornet 2.0

honda hornet 2.0 This bike is very aggressive to look at. This bike looks a lot like the previous model. But many new features have been used in this bike. It seems that the new LED headlight and LED tail light have been used in this bike. The graphics of this bike have been completed in a new way and this sticker has been used in a new way.

Now, this bike is discussed in detail.

This bike uses a new 4 Stroke, SI Engine, BS-VI 184cc air-cooled engine, and sharper styling. This engine produces 17.03 bhp and a torque of 16.1 Nm. This bike can carry 12 liters of fuel. This bike has a mileage of 57.35 km in the city.

Which is awesome in a word. This bike uses 276mm disc brakes on the front and 220mm disc brakes on the rear. And this bike uses a single-channel Abs. As a result of using disc brakes, it is easy to brake at very high speeds with the bike. This bike has two Pillion seats but the rear seat is not very good.

Tubeless tires have been used on this bike. 110/70 section tires have been used on the front of this bike. And 140/70 section tires have been used on the rear. As the rear wheel of this bike is thick, you can easily be cornering at high speed.

The upside-down suspension has been used on the front of the bike and mono-shock suspension has been used on the back. This bike uses a 5-speed gearbox. This bike weighs 142 kg which is a very light bike in this segment.

The top speed of this bike is 130 km. Despite being a 180cc bike, the top speed of this bike has disappointed us. The top speed of this bike is much less than the Suzuki gsx-r 150. Which is a 150cc sports bike.

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: First of all the brakes of this bike. In a word, the brakes of this bike are extraordinary as this bike has ABS. Another thing I like about this bike is that the tire grip of this bike is much better than other bikes.

Then I never imagined that despite the bike being 180cc it would get such good mileage from this bike which really fascinated me.

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Honda Hornet 2.0 Summary

Hornet 2.0 key highlights

1.Displacement  : 184.4cc

2.Kerb Weight    : 142kg

3.Colours            : Matte Axis Grey Metallic, Matte Marvel Blue Metallic, Matte Sangria Red Metallic, Pearl Igneous Black

4.Max Power       : 17.03 bhp

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