KTM duke 125 (review)

Hearing the name of the KTM Duke bike creates an aggressive feeling. This person is as good as he looks. KTM Duke 125 is a baby KTM.
The KTM Duke 125 looks a lot like the KTM Duke 200 CC motorbike.

There is a secret behind the popularity of this bike among many young people
Hall, this bike looks great and its performance is also great, the combination of these two has made this bike very popular.

Now this bike is discussed in detail

It uses a halogen headlight. The bike has a rod handlebar which is why the seat of the bike has been elevated. The speedometer has been completely orange due to KTM’s theme color being orange. The bike looks a lot like a sports bike due to its wide seating. The bike used in tail light and indicator done.

The condition of being 125cc is not small at all. Despite being 125cc, it looks much nicer than many 150cc naked sports bikes.

KTM Duke’s seating position A lot higher, this makes it very easy to ride the bike. You will feel very comfortable riding this bike in both on and off rights. The color quality and build quality of this bike are amazing in one word, maybe this is the reason why the price of this bike is much higher than other 125 bikes. The Duke 125 bike is equipped with a 43 mm upside-down telescoping suspension. A 110 section tire is used at the front and a 150 section wheel at the rear.

Despite being a 125cc bike, its wheels have been used a lot thicker so you will feel much more comfortable doing cornering. The front of the KTM Duke uses a 300mm front disc brake.

One of the best features of this bike is that it uses single-channel ABS. The braking system has been improved due to having single drive ABS. 230 mm disc brakes have been used on the rear wheels.


KTM duke used a 125 cc single-cylinder four-valve engine. The engine produces 14.7 bhp and twelve manometer torque. These bikes are using a 6-speed gearbox. An X-ring chain is used in this bike. This bike top speed is 112 kilometers per hour. The mileage of this bike can get from 32 to 35 kilometers.


KTM 125 Duke Summary

125 Duke key highlights

1.Displacement  : 124.71cc

2.Kerb Weight    : 148.2 kg

3.Colors            : Orange, Black, White

4.Max power      : 14.7 bhp


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