Suzuki gixxer 150 (review)

Suzuki gixxer 150 This bike we can compare with all 150cc and 160cc motorcycles. If we compare the power figure of this bike with other 150cc and 160cc bikes. Then this bike is all other 150 cc and 160 ccs Able to collide with bikes.

The thing that most bikers like about this bike is the instant acceleration of this bike. The instant acceleration of this bike is remarkable in one word. This bike is very popular among the youth. If a bike lover is thinking of buying a 150cc bike, then the Suzuki gixxer 150 bikes will be on his list of favorites.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of this bike, some of which are mentioned.

At first glance, this bike looks awesome in one word. Anyone who sees this bike can fall in love with this bike. And let’s talk about the engine of this bike. The performance of the engine is unmatched which is very difficult to find in other 150cc bikes. Needless to say, This bike is one of the most popular and sold bikes among the youth of Bangladesh.

Now, this bike is discussed in detail.

First of all, high handlebars have been used in this bike. This is why you will not feel uncomfortable in this long-distance and city riding. This bike uses an air-cooled engine of 150cc. As a result, the engine will not get hot even if you ride this bike for a long time. This bike has used a red speedometer so that you can see a lot of things including gears. This bike has 140 section wheels at the rear and a 100 section wheel at the front. Due to the thick rear wheel, with this bike, you can easily corner in city riding.


In this bike Halogen headlights and tail lights have been used which will help you a lot to ride the bike at night. This bike has a 5-speed gearbox. Disc brakes on the front of this bike And A 260 mm disc brake is used on the back of this bike. Which will increase your braking confidence.

This bike can be turned on by kick and shelf. This site generates 14.6 bhp and 14 nm of torque. This bike uses mono-shock suspension on the back. And 14 mm suspension has been used on the front.

This bike weighs 135 kg which is low compared to other 150cc and bikes. Due to the low weight, the speed of the bike is comparatively high. As the Pelion seat of this bike is not very big, it is a little difficult for two people to sit down.

The sound of the engine of this bike is amazing in one word which will make you attracted. Then the ready pickup of this bike is amazing in one word which will fascinate you.

The mileage of this bike is 30 to 32 kilometers in the city and With 38 to 40 kilometers on the highway. The top speed of this bike is 128 kilometers per hour.

Finally, we can say that this bike is an epic machine.

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Suzuki Gixxer Summary

Displacement  : 155cc

Kerb Weight    : 135 kg

Colors              : Metallic Triton Blue, Glass Sparkle Black, Pearl Mira Red.

Max Power       : 14.6 bhp

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