Yamaha R15 v3

Yamaha is an expensive motorcycle brand in the world. Yamaha R15 v3 bike is very expensive. It is the most powerful bike in the 150cc segment.

One of the most popular 150 cc sports bikes is the Yamaha r15 v3. This bike is one of the most popular bikes among the youth.

Every bike of the Yamaha brand is more or less popular but the 150cc sports bike segment is one of the most popular bikes. In a word, this bike is amazing to look at. This bike is designed in a completely new way. There are two types of this bike, one is with ABS and the other is without ABS.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of this bike is the engine of this bike. The engine of this bike is amazing in one word, and its performance is also amazing which has taken the bike to the top of popularity.

Now this bike is discussed in detail

First of all, this bike looks awesome. This bike looks very aggressive and the performance of this bike is like a lion.

The R15 v3 uses USD suspension. And a large disc brake has been used on the front. LED headlights have been used on the front and rear of this bike. Which will help you ride the bike at night.

This bike is much bigger than the previous version. It has 100/80 section tires on the front and 140/70 section tires on the back. This bike uses an engine of 155 cc. This engine produces 19.04 Bhp and 14.7 nm torque By.

this bike has a mileage of 35 to 38 kilometers in the city and 40 to 42 kilometers on the highway. The top speed of the bike is 155 kilometers which are amazing in a word.

Since this bike is a high-speed bike, Yamaha did not make any excuses for braking. The front of this bike has a disc brake of 282 mm. And 240 mm disc brakes have been used on the rear.

This bike has a very thick rear wheel so you can ride the bike at a very high speed and do cornering very easily. The bike also uses vva (variable valve actuation).

The Yamaha r15 v3 bike uses mono-shock suspension on the back. The seat of the Yamaha r15 v3 bike is designed so that you can cornering happily at high speeds. This bike weighs 137 kg. This bike can hold oil up to 11 meters.

This bike uses a completely redesigned speedometer. You can see the gear, light, time, and more. This bike is a little high so it will be a little difficult for short bikers to ride the bike.

The thing that I personally like about this bike is this.

The braking system of this bike. The braking system of this bike is amazing in one word. You can break with a lot of confidence in this bike at high speed. Another thing is the tires of this bike. The grip of the tires of this bike is amazing in one word.

Finally, we can say that this bike is one of the best bikes in the 150cc sports bike segment.

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Yamaha  R15 V3 Summary.

Yamaha R15 V3 key highlights.

1.Displacement   : 155cc

2.Kerb Weight     : 137 kg

3.Colors               : Thunder Grey, Racing Blue, Darknight

4.Max power       : 19.04 bhp




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